Dwarf Fixer


Cricket is an interesting one. A female dwarf with obvious Amerind features, but she has platinum blond hair, and is either clean shaven or follicularly challenged (not unusual for female dwarfs, particularly those with Amerind blood). She has violet eyes, whether natural, contacts or cyber, nobody is quite sure. She tends to wear form fitting (and quite a form it is) body suits that are undoubtedly armored, in light and pastel colors. She has a pair of brushed datajacks on either temple. She wears a medicine wheel on a cord of some sort, and is usually seen on business with a custom made, slimline Colt in a thigh holster. She has a female troll bodyguard, named Gorgon.

Gorgon doesn’t talk much, but she sees a lot with those extra eye stalks coming out of her head. And, she carries two Super Warhawks, and it is known she has retractables as well.


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