Whiskey Slim is Dead!

Whiskey Slim was a fixer for the down-n-outers. Well known for his hooding runs. And now he is dead, or at least that’s what we gathered when we found his head…

Whiskey’s head was found in a bus locker just outside Tourist Town. There are reports that his, uh, output may have been found outside the back door of Trog Joys, the yak run Bunraku parlor. Some of the joygirls there said they recognized it. No one has seen his shadow Jimney for days. Seems somebody wanted to make them and their influence disappear. And 6 days after his head was found, there are reports of people disappearing all over the barrens. I ain’t one to believe in coincidence. I’m here to help.

You can call me Cricket. I share blood with Jimney, and I think we need someone who works for the little folk. Don’t worry. I’m not looking for a stable of runners who work for nothing. I am looking for those what got’s a conscience. I am outta Denver. The shadows here are no less dark, but there seems to be fewer players, so I am hoping it’ll be easier to keep track. The downside…I may not know alla players. I am looking for talent. I am looking for talent that has not been jaded yet. I’ve already got a few things that need doin’ and I don’t have the skins to do it yet. If you are looking to work the shadows, can think for yourself, and are willing to help out the have-nots, then I am looking for you.

This here is Gorgon. She takes care a me. And I got a couplla ghosts that do the same. This here is a message drop, or you can go to Virtual Valhalla, and leave a word with Blue Mike. He don’t talk much, but he is reliable, and purged at least once a day.